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Stealth Wakeshaper

New Wakeshaper from Aerial Wakesports!
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Aerial's Stealth Wakeshaper brings a new level of innovation and performance to the aftermarket wakesurf market. Extensive high tech 3D computer designing and real-world testing have resulted in a new wake maker kit unlike any other. You can easily mount the Stealth to the stern of most inboard boats and instantly create a very large wake face perfect for wakesurfers of any skill level. Best of all, boat owners do not need to permanently modify their hull or use industrial strength adhesive velcro. Everyone from first-timers to experienced riders can surf all day at the lake. Compared to the ultra expensive new wake boats fitted with surf gates, the Stealth is a much more affordable, non-permanant solution that generates a very surfable and desirable wake. 

The Stealth should be mounted towards the stern and on the opposite side you want the wake to from. Unlike most systems that use two smaller suction cups, the Stealth features just one large industrial grade 8" diameter cup. Other kits on the market use one lever per cup that must be pushed down separately which

wakeboard tower product review starwakeboard tower product review starwakeboard tower product review starwakeboard tower product review starwakeboard tower product review star Rating: 5/5
Aerial Stealth Wakeshaper

Installed the Aerial Stealth Wakeshaper on my 2003 Mastercraft 205V (same as X2) and what a difference!!! 550lbs bags on each side in the back and a 350 in the front of the ski locker and now we can surf for days. Makes a wake like I have never been able to get from my boat. Stays firmly in place and attaches in seconds. No need to weigh boat unevenly. Switching wakes is no longer an issue. Used to be a huge pain because we always had one goofy rider. Now it only takes seconds. HUGE IMPROVEMENT to my boat!!!

Reviewed by Jim B.

makes mounting a little tricky. The Stealth features a superior thumb-driven pump built in to the handle which makes it easy to mount with just one hand! For quick removal, the other end of the handle has a suction release button. This is perfect for times when you need to switch mounting sides to accommodate opposite footed riders. The suction cup is made of premium UV resistant rubber that will not scratch the hull's fiberglass gel coat.

The unique multi-faceted surfaces of the Stealth's fin and base control the flow of water passing over to help create the best possible wake for surfing that has length, a clean face that provides great drive and a larger pocket for riding. Adjusting the boat speed, ballast distribution and location of the Stealth allows you to fine tune the right wake for the rider.

The Stealth features an all new fin system. The fin is a separate piece that securely locks into the base or quickly detaches using the fin release lever. Currently, the kit includes the standard large 12.5" x 8" 90 degree fin but in the future, Aerial will be releasing additional fin shapes and configurations. Each will be designed to create a different effect on the flow of water, wake size and shape. This effectively makes the Stealth upgradeable using the same base component. Just purchase a new fin design and lock it in to your existing system. 

For proper suction, locate an 8" diameter surface that is clean, flat and without decals as far back to the stern as possible. The Stealth is reversible and can be placed on either side of the hull. Remember to mount it on the opposite side you want to surf on. While holding the Stealth by the handle, press the suction cup firmly against the hull. Depress the suction pump with your thumb 5-10 times until the pump stays retracted into the handle (about 1/2" of the pump should be exposed). With boat stationary, mount the Stealth so that approximately 10 to 20% of the fin sits above the water line. To detach, depress the suction release lever on the opposite side of the handle.

Stealth wakeshaper comapred to other wakemakersBOAT SPEED
Approximately 10 to 13 mph is the ideal speed range for a great surf wake. Faster speeds will generate a longer wake, slower speeds create a larger, shorter wake. Your specific boat's hull may require a slower or faster speed so a little experimenting should be expected. Moving the mounting location slightly forward, back, up or down will also help you fine tune your wake.

The ballast should be evenly distributed from port to starboard and approximately 40% on the bow and 60% on the stern. Again, depending on your boat's hull, you may need to adjust the ballast and seating location of passengers.

The Stealth should only be used for wakesurfing and is designed only for inboard boats. Never attempt to surf behind a boat with an outboard motor or exposed propellers. While mounted, steering will be slightly impaired. Remove when wakesurfing is completed, maneuvering near docks, other vessels or when trying to retrieve fallen riders. Do not exceed 13 mph with the Stealth mounted otherwise it might come off. The Stealth will float if it detaches from the boat. It ships with a leash that connects the Stealth's base to a cleat on the boat. In the event the Stealth comes off, the leash will keep the unit close by. Use of the leash is solely at your discretion. Please ride safe and be safe!


Stealth wakeshaper has an advanced fin design the creates large wake surf wakes from an boat
Rear view of the Aerial Stealth
Stealth wakeshaper's leash
Stealth wakeshaper has a removable fin and strong suction
Stealth wakeshaper uses one large diameter suction cup
Stealth wakeshaper box
Stealth wakeshaper installation guide
Stealth wakeshaper installation guide

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